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14:40-16:10   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 002号室
Szymon M. Walczak 氏 (University of Lodz, Poland)
Geometric applications of Wasserstein distance,
Lecture (I) Wasserstein distance and optimal transportation
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16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 118号室
窪田陽介 氏 (東大数理)
A generalization of the spectral flow and localization of index (ENGLISH)



16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 056号室
Tea: 16:00 - 16:30 コモンルーム
茂手木 公彦 氏 (日本大学)
Left-orderable, non-L-space surgeries on knots (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
A Dehn surgery is said to be left-orderable
if the resulting manifold of the surgery has the left-orderable fundamental group,
and a Dehn surgery is called an L-space surgery
if the resulting manifold of the surgery is an L-space.
We will focus on left-orderable, non-L-space surgeries on knots in the 3-sphere.
Once we have a knot with left-orderable surgeries,
the ``periodic construction" enables us to provide infinitely many knots with
left-orderable, non-L-space surgeries.
We apply the construction to present infinitely many hyperbolic knots on each
of which every nontrivial surgery is a left-orderable, non-L-space surgery.
This is a joint work with Masakazu Teragaito.


13:00-14:10   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 052号室
増田 弘毅 氏 (九州大学 マス・フォア・インダストリ研究所)
局所安定分布近似と高頻度データ (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
I. 本講演では,まず先行研究として以下を紹介する:(1) 局所正規近似を利用した場合の推定量の漸近分布;(2) ジャンプの存在を検知する検定統計量の漸近挙動,およびその意義について.
II. 次に,特に駆動Levy過程が局所(非正規)安定近似できる場合を考え,安定型擬似尤度の有用性に関する解析結果を紹介する.先述の局所正規近似の場合と全く異なる漸近現象が得られる.
[ 参考URL ]



10:30-12:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 126号室
上原 崇人 氏 (新潟大学)
有理曲面上の自己同型写像のエントロピー (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
複素曲面上の自己同型写像による力学系については, 位相的エントロピーとの関係において近年多くの研究がなされている. エントロピー正の写像を許容する曲面は, K3 曲面, エンリケス曲面, 複素トーラス, そして有理曲面のいずれかになることが S. Cantat により示された. これら曲面の中で有理曲面に対しては, 具体例さえもほとんど知られていない状況であったが, 最近いくつかの結果が示されてきた. そこで本講演では, 有理曲面上の自己同型写像に関して得られた結果について紹介する. 具体的には, 「軌道データ」と呼ばれる概念を用いた写像の構成方法について紹介し, 特に写像がカスプ反標準曲線を保つ場合に, 構成された写像の性質について解説する. また, 写像のエントロピーと Salem 数とよばれる代数的整数が関連していることを紹介していく.



16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 117号室
望月 新一 氏 (京都大学数理解析研究所)
宇宙際タイヒミューラー理論への誘(いざな)い 《拡大版》


17:00-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 370号室
Fikret Golgeleyen 氏 (Bulent Ecevit University)
Boundary Rigidity for Riemannian Manifolds (ENGLISH)



17:30-18:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 056号室
Xinyi Yuan 氏 (University of California, Berkeley)
Hodge index theorem for adelic line bundles (ENGLISH)
[ 講演概要 ]
The Hodge index theorem of Faltings and Hriljac asserts that the Neron-Tate height pairing on a projective curve over a number field is equal to certain intersection pairing in the setting of Arakelov geometry. In the talk, I will present an extension of the result to adelic line bundles on higher dimensional varieties over finitely generated fields. Then we will talk about its relation to the non-archimedean Calabi-Yau theorem and the its application to algebraic dynamics. This is a joint work with Shou-Wu Zhang.

(本講演は「東京北京パリ数論幾何セミナー」として、インターネットによる東大数理, Morningside Center of MathematicsとIHESの双方向同時中継で行います.)


16:30-17:45   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 122号室
荻原 哲平 氏 (大阪大学 金融・保険教育研究センター)
Quasi-Likelihood Analysis for Diffusion Processes and Diffusion
Processes with Jumps(拡散過程及びジャンプ型拡散過程に対する疑似尤度解析) (JAPANESE)



16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 056号室
Tea: 16:00 - 16:30 コモンルーム
北山 貴裕 氏 (東京大学大学院数理科学研究科)
On an analogue of Culler-Shalen theory for higher-dimensional
[ 講演概要 ]
Culler and Shalen established a way to construct incompressible surfaces
in a 3-manifold from ideal points of the SL_2-character variety. We
present an analogous theory to construct certain kinds of branched
surfaces from limit points of the SL_n-character variety. Such a
branched surface induces a nontrivial presentation of the fundamental
group as a 2-dimensional complex of groups. This is a joint work with
Takashi Hara (Osaka University).


10:30-11:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 056号室
澤井 賢一 氏 (東京大学生産技術研究所)
脳の同一源性推定を仮定した聴覚時間知覚のベイズモデル (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]



10:30-12:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 126号室
松村 慎一 氏 (鹿児島大学)
A Nadel vanishing theorem for metrics with minimal singularities on big line bundles (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
In this talk, we study singular metrics with non-algebraic singularities, their multiplier ideal sheaves and a Nadel type vanishing theorem, from the view point of complex geometry. The Nadel vanishing theorem can be seen as an analytic version of the Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing theorem of algebraic geometry. The main purpose of this talk is to establish such a theorem for the multiplier ideal sheaf of a metric with minimal singularities, for the cohomology with values in a big line bundle.



10:00-11:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 122号室
開始時間と開催場所などは変更されることがあるので, セミナーごとにご確認ください.
藤田玄 氏 (日本女子大学)
Equivariant local index and transverse index for circle action (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
In our joint work with Furuta and Yoshida we gave a formulation of index theory of Dirac-type operator on open Riemannian manifolds. We used a torus fibration and a perturbation by Dirac-type operator along fibers. In this talk we develop an equivariant version for circle action and apply it for Hamiltonian circle action case. We investigate the relation between our equivariant index and index of transverse elliptic operator/symbol developed by Atiyah, Paradan-Vergne and Braverman. We give a computation for the standard cylinder, which shows the difference between two equivariant indices.


16:00-17:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 056号室
Andrei Pajitnov 氏 (Univ. de Nantes)
Real-valued and circle-valued Morse theory:
an introduction
[ 講演概要 ]
Classical Morse theory relates the number of critical points of a Morse
function f on a manifold M to the topology of M. The main technical
ingredient of this theory is a chain complex generated by the critical points
of the function. In 1981 S.P. Novikov generalized this theory to the case of
circle-valued Morse functions. In this talk we describe the construction of
both chain complexes, based on the idea of E. Witten (1982), which allows, in
particular, to compute the boundary operators in the Morse complex from
the count of flow lines of the gradient of f. We discuss geometric applications
of these constructions.


16:00-17:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 128号室
Chang-Shou Lin 氏 (National Taiwan University)
The Geometry of Critical Points of Green functions On Tori (ENGLISH)
[ 講演概要 ]
The Green function of a torus can be expressed by elliptic functions or Jacobic theta functions. It is not surprising the geometry of its critical points would be involved with behaviors of those classical functions. Thus, the non-degeneracy of critical points gives rise to some inequality for elliptic functions. One of consequences of our analysis is to prove any saddle point is non-degenerate, i.e., the Hessian is negative.

We will also show that the number of the critical points of Green function in any torus is either three or five critical points. Furthermore, the moduli space of tori which Green function has five critical points is a simple-connected connected set. The proof of these results use a nonlinear PDE (mean field equation) and the formula for counting zeros of modular form. For a N torsion point,the related modular form is the Eisenstein series of weight one, which was discovered by Hecke (1926). Thus, our PDE method gives a deformation of those Eisenstein series and allows us to find the zeros of those Eisenstein series.

We can generalize our results to a sum of two Green functions.



16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 056号室
Tea: 16:00 - 16:30 コモンルーム
Mustafa Korkmaz 氏 (Middle East Technical University)
Low-dimensional linear representations of mapping class groups. (ENGLISH)
[ 講演概要 ]
For a compact connected orientable surface, the mapping class group
of it is defined as the group of isotopy classes of orientation-preserving
self-diffeomorphisms of S which are identity on the boundary. The action
of the mapping class group on the first homology of the surface
gives rise to the classical 2g-dimensional symplectic representation.
The existence of a faithful linear representation of the mapping class
group is still unknown. In my talk, I will show the following three results;
there is no lower dimensional (complex) linear representation,
up to conjugation the symplectic representation is the unique nontrivial representation in dimension 2g, and there is no faithful linear representation
of the mapping class group in dimensions up to 3g-3. I will also discuss a few applications of these theorems, including some algebraic consequences.


16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 002号室
谷口隆晴 氏 (神戸大学大学院システム情報学研究科)
離散微分形式とそれに基づく構造保存型数値解法について (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
近年,様々な分野で微分形式の離散化法に関する研究が発展してきている.本講演では,そのうち,Bochev-Hyman による離散微分形式と,Arnold–Falk–Winther による有限要素外積解析の2つの理論について紹介する.また,これらの方法の構造保存型数値解法への応用と,その問題点についても議論する.
[ 参考URL ]



10:30-12:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 126号室
赤堀 隆夫 氏 (兵庫県立大学)
Generalized deformation theory of CR structures (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
Let $(M, {}^0 T^{''})$ be a compact strongly pseudo convex CR manifold with dimension $2n-1 \geq 5$, embedded in a complex manifold $N$ as a real hypersurface. In our former papers (T. Akahori, Invent. Math. 63 (1981); T. Akahori, P. M. Garfield, and J. M. Lee, Michigan Math. J. 50 (2002)), we constructed the versal family of CR structures. The purpose of this talk is to show that in more wide scope, our family is versal.



16:30-17:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 002号室
お茶&Coffee&お菓子: 16:00~16:30 (コモンルーム)。

宮本 安人 氏 (東京大学大学院数理科学研究科)
Stable patterns and the nonlinear ``hot spots'' conjecture (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]



13:00-14:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 122号室
Mustafa Korkmaz 氏 (Middle East Technical University)
Low-dimensional linear representations of mapping class groups (III) (ENGLISH)
[ 参考URL ]



13:00-14:30   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 122号室
Mustafa Korkmaz 氏 (Middle East Technical University)
Low-dimensional linear representations of mapping class groups (II) (ENGLISH)
[ 参考URL ]


16:40-17:40   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 002号室
大川幸男 氏 (東京大学数理科学研究科)
On logarithmic nonabelian Hodge theory of higher level in characteristic p (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
Ogus and Vologodsky studied a positive characteristic analogue of Simpson’s nonanelian Hodge theory over the complex number field. Now most part of their theory has been generalized to the case of log schemes by Schepler. In this talk, we generalize the global Cartier transform, which is one of the main theorem in nonabelian Hodge theory in positive characteristic, to the case of log schemes and of higher level. This can be regarded as a higher level version of a result of Schepler.


16:30-18:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 118号室
荒野悠輝 氏 (東大数理)
On full group C*-algebras of discrete quantum groups (ENGLISH)



17:10-18:40   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 117号室
Mustafa Korkmaz 氏 (Middle East Technical University)
Low-dimensional linear representations of mapping class groups (I) (ENGLISH)
[ 参考URL ]



10:30-12:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 126号室
奥間 智弘 氏 (山形大学)
2次元擬斉次特異点の接層のコホモロジーについて (JAPANESE)
[ 講演概要 ]
複素2次元特異点の特異点解消上の接層のコホモロジーの次元は解析的不変量である. セミナーでは, リンクが有理ホモロジー球面であるような2次元擬斉次特異点の場合にはそれが位相的不変量であり, グラフから計算できることを紹介する.

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