Program of the 9th MSJ-SI "Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics"

August 1August 2August 3 August 4August 5
9:30-10:30LongoLongoLongo MatuiMatui
11:00-12:00IzumiIzumiIzumi TanimotoGrossman
14:00-15:00OgataOgata OgataNachtergaele
15:20-16:20RunkelMatui RunkelRunkel
16:40-17:40OzawaOzawa Ozawa
August 8August 9August 10 August 11August 12
9:30-10:30RehrenPutnamVaes RørdamWinter
11:00-12:00PopaPopaPopa DadarlatSato
14:00-15:00EvansPeterson HoudayerGannon
15:20-16:20XuIoana MeyerCollins
16:40-17:40YamashitaKida Kerr
* There will be opening speeches of Motoko Kotani, President of the Mathematical Society of Japan, and Shoichiro Sakai at 9:20 of August 8.

Titles: Izumi: An operator algebra approach to the classification of fusion categories (slides I, II, III) Longo: Operator algebras and conformal field theory (slides I, II, III) Matui: Poly-Z group actions on Kirchberg algebras (slides I, II, III) Ogata: Classification of gapped Hamiltonians in quantum spin chains (slides I, II, III) Ozawa: A functional analysis proof of Gromov's polynomial growth theorem (slides) Popa: Approximating freeness under constraints (slides) Runkel: Vertex operator algebras and category theory in conformal field theory (slides)

Collins: Coefficients of the basis elements dual to the Temperley-Lieb basis and Weingarten calculus on On+ (slides) Dadarlat: Connective C*-algebras (slides) Evans: K-theory in conformal field theory Gannon: KK-theory and conformal field theory (slides) Grossman: Subfactors and the Brauer-Picard group (slides) Houdayer: Amenable absorption in amalgamated free product von Neumann algebras (slides) Ioana: Cocycle superrigidity for translation actions of product groups (slides) Kerr: Actions of amenable groups on the Cantor set and their crossed products (slides) Kida: Stable actions and central extensions (slides) Meyer: Quantum groups with projection and braided quantum groups (slides) Nachtergaele: Stability of frustration-free ground states of quantum spin systems (slides) Peterson: Character rigidity for lattices in higher-rank groups (slides) Putnam: A homology theory for Smale spaces Rehren: The hypergroupoid of boundary conditions (slides) Rørdam: A new look on C*-simplicity and the unique trace property (slides) Sato: Automorphisms with the Rohlin property on nuclear C*-algebras (slides) Tanimoto: KMS states with respect to conformal Hamiltonian (slides) Vaes: Structure and classification of free Araki-Woods factors (slides) Winter: Quasidiagonality and amenability (slides) Xu: On reconstruction program (slides) Yamashita: Categorical duality for quantum group actions (slides)

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