Shane Kelly

I am a mathematician. I have a lab at the University of Tokyo.


My research area is algebraic geometry, motivic homotopy theory, and applications to representation theory, class field theory, and birational geometry.

Ph.D. thesis

Triangulated categories of motives in positive characteristic
PhD thesis cotutelle between Université de Paris-Nord 13 and Australian National University
jointly supervised by Denis-Charles Cisinski and Amnon Neeman
(2012) arXiv

articles written as an undergraduate


Univeristy of Tokyo

  • Spring Semester 2024:
    (Pro)Étale cohomology
  • Spring Semester 2024:
    Linear algebra S1 (in japanese)
    Linear algebra S2 (in japanese)
  • Autumn Semester 2023/2024:
    Derived algebraic geometry
  • Spring Semester 2023:
    Linear algebra for liberal arts students (in japanese)
  • Autumn Semester 2022/2023:
    Linear algebra (in japanese)
  • Autumn Semester 2022/2023:
    Derived algebraic geometry
  • Autumn Semester 2021/2022:
    Linear algebra (in japanese)

    Tokyo Tech

    FU Berlin


    Shane Kelly
    Associate Professor

    Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
    University of Tokyo
    3-8-1 Komaba Meguro-ku
    Tokyo 153-8914, Japan

    shanekelly at g.ecc dot u-tokyo dot

    ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8789-4438