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  • 2023/10/05
    Information Mathematics Seminar   16:50-18:35   Room #128
    Tatsuaki Okamoto (NTT)
    Cryptography and Blockchain (Japanese)
  • 2023/10/10
    Tuesday Seminar on Topology   17:30-18:30   Room #ハイブリッド開催/056
    Pre-registration required. See our seminar webpage.
    Masato Mimura (Tohoku University)
    Invariant quasimorphisms and coarse geometry of scl (JAPANESE)
  • 2023/10/16
    Algebraic Geometry Seminar   14:00-15:30   Room #002
    Lena Ji (University of Michigan)
    Symmetries of Fano varieties
  • 2023/10/17
    Numerical Analysis Seminar   16:30-18:00   Room #002
    Makoto Okumura (Konan University)
    Structure-preserving schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary conditions in two spatial dimensions (Japanese)
    Tuesday Seminar on Topology   17:00-18:00   Online
    Pre-registration required. See our seminar webpage.
    Shunsuke Kano (MathCCS, Tohoku University)
    Train track combinatorics and cluster algebras (JAPANESE)
    Operator Algebra Seminars   16:45-18:15   Room #128
    Fuyuta Komura (RIKEN)
    $*$-homomorphisms between groupoid C$^*$-algebras
  • 2023/10/19
    Information Mathematics Seminar   16:50-18:35   Room #128
    Katsuyuki Takashima (Waseda Univ.)
    Mathematical Aspects of Lattice-Based Cryptography (Japanese)
  • 2023/10/27
    Colloquium   15:30-16:30   Room #大講義室(auditorium)
    If you do not belong to Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo, please apply from the form at [Reference URL].
    Jenn-Nan Wang (National Taiwan University)
    Increasing stability and decreasing instability estimates for an inverse boundary value problem (English)