Faculty members (alphabetic)

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Name ABE, Noriyuki 【Professor】
Field of Interest Representation Theory
reductive groups, modular representations
Name ABE, Tomoyuki 【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest Arithmetic geometry
p-adic cohomology, arithmetic D-module, ramification theory
Name AIDA, Shigeki 【Professor】
Field of Interest Probability theory
Malliavin calculus, Rough paths, Stochastic differential equations, Schrödinger operators in infinite dimensional spaces, Stochastic analysis on loop spaces
Name ASOU, Kazuhiko  【Assistant Professor】
Field of Interest Mathematics Education
e-Learning, video-on-demand, instructional design
Name ASUKE, Taro  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Differential Topology
Foliations, geometric structures, characterisic classes.
Name FURUTA, Mikio  【Professor】
Field of Interest Global Analysis, Low Dimensional Topology
4-dimensional manifold, gauge theory.
Name GOCHO, Toru  【Assistant Professor】
Field of Interest Differential Geometry
Topological field theory, symplectic manifolds.
Name GONGYO, Yoshinori 【Professor】
Field of Interest Algebraic Geometry
Classification of higher dimensional algebraic varieties
Name HABIRO, Kazuo【Professor】
Field of Interest Topology
Low-dimensional topology, quantum topology, algebraic topology
Name HASEGAWA, Ryu 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Theoretical Computer Science
Lambda calculus, type theory, category theory, proof theory.
Name HAYASHI, Shuhei 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Dynamical Systems
Hyperbolicity, homoclinic bifurcations, ergodic theory.
Name HIRACHI, Kengo  【Professor】
Field of Interest Several Complex Variables, CR geometry
Bergman kernel, strictly pseudoconvex domains, parabolic invariant theory.
Name HONDA, Shouhei【Professor】
Field of Interest Geometric Analysis
Geometric Analysis related to Ricci curvature and collapsing of Riemannian manifolds
Name IMAI, Naoki 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Arithmetic Geometry
Galois representation, moduli space
Name ISHIGE, Kazuhiro 【Professor】
Field of Interest Partial Differential Equations
Asymptotic analysis and geometric analysis for solutions to parabolic equations
Name ITO, Kenichi 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Linear Partial Differential Equations
Spectral and scattering theory for the Schrödinger operator
Name ITO, Yukari 【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest Algebraic Geometry
Resolution of singularities and the McKay correspondence
Name IWAKI, Kohei  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Ordinary differential equations, exact WKB analysis, integrable systems, topological recursion
Exact WKB analysis of differential equations and related topics
Name IYAMA, Osamu 【Professor】
Field of Interest Algebra, Ring theory, Representation theory
Representation theory of orders
Name KAPRANOV, Mikhail  【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Category Theory
operads, moduli spaces, secondary polytopes, algebro-geometric model spaces of paths and loops, Hall algebras, derived geometry
Name KASHIWABARA, Takahito 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Numerical Analysis
Numerical and mathematical analysis of PDEs, Navier-Stokes equations, Non-standard boundary conditions, Finite element method
Name KATO, Akishi  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Mathematical Physics
Conformal field theory, string theory, integrable systems.
Name KAWAHIGASHI, Yasuyuki  【Professor】
Field of Interest Operator Algebras
Von Neumann algebras, subfactors, algebraic quantum field theory.
Name KAWAZUMI, Nariya  【Professor】
Field of Interest Differential Topology, Complex Analysis
Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces, mapping class groups, characteristic classes.
Name KELLY, Shane 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest algebraic geometry
motivic homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory and applications to representation theory, class field theory, and birational geometry.
Name KIDA,Yoshikata 【Professor】
Field of Interest Discrete Groups, Ergodic Theory
Orbit equivalence relations, measured groupoids, amenability, and rigidity
Name KITAYAMA, Takahiro 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Topology
3-manifolds, discrete groups, character varieties, torsion invariants, Morse-Novikov theory
Name KIYONO, Kazuhiko 【Assistant Professor】
Field of Interest topology
Group action, gauge theory, Atiyah-Singer index theorem.
Name KOBAYASHI, Toshiyuki 【Professor】
Field of Interest Lie Theory
Representation theory, geometric analysis, discontinuous groups.
Name KOIKE, Yuta 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Theoretical Statistics and Probability Theory
Statistics for stochastic processes, and its applications to high-frequency financial data
Name KONNO, Hokuto 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Geometry and Topology
Gauge theory and its applications to geometry and topology
Name MASE, Takafumi 【Assistant Professor】
Field of Interest Applied Mathematics
Integrable systems, discrete dynamical systems
Name MASUDA, Hiroki 【Professor】
Field of Interest Theoretical Statistics and Probability Theory
Statistical modeling based on non-Gaussian stochastic processes and their implementation
Name MATSUI, Chihiro  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Mathematical physics
Quantum solvable models, Solvable stochastic processes
Name MATSUO, Atsushi 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Groups, Lie Algebras and Integrable Systems
Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, vertex operators, monstrou moonshine, conformal field theories, quantum groups
Name MIEDA, Yoichi 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Number theory
Langlands correspondence, Shimura varieties, Rapoport-Zink spaces
Name MILANOV, Todor  【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry
quantum cohomology, Gromov-Witten invariants, mirror symmetry, period integrals, Kac-Moody Lie algebras, vertex algebras, integrable systems
Name MITAKE, Hiroyoshi 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Partial Differential Equation
Viscosity solution approach to asymptotic problems in front propagation, dynamical system and related topics
Name MIYAMOTO, Yasuhito 【Professor】
Field of Interest Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Structure of nonlinear PDEs of elliptic and parabolic type
Name NAKAJIMA, Hiraku  【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry
Gauge theory, geometric representation theory, moduli spaces
Name OGUISO, Keiji 【Professor】
Field of Interest Algebraic Geometry
Calabi-Yau manifolds in wider sense
Name OSHIMA, Yoshiki 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Representation theory
I am interested in representations of Lie groups. In particular, I study induction and restriction of unitary representations of semisimple Lie groups by using D-modules and the method of coadjoint orbits.
Name SAITO, Norikazu 【Professor】
Field of Interest Numerical Analysis, Applied Analysis
Finite element method, finite difference method, nonlinear partial differential equation.
Name SAITO, Takeshi  【Professor】
Filed of Interest Arithmetic Geometry
Étale cohomology, ramification, local fields.
Name SAKAI, Hidetaka 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Special Functions, Integrable Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations
Painlevé equations, difference equations.
Name SAKAI, Hiroshi  【 Professor】
Field of Interest Mathematical Logic, Set Theory
Large Cardina Axioms, Forcing Axioms and their consequences in infinite combinatorics and cardinal arithmetic
Name SAKASAI, Takuya 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Topology
Mapping class groups of surfaces, characteristic classes of bundles, 3-dimensional topology
Name SASADA, Makiko  【Professor】
Field of Interest Probability Theory
Hydrodynamic limit,Spectral gap,Equilibrium fluctuation.
Name SEKIGUCHI, Hideko  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis
Semisimple Lie groups, unitary representations, Penrose transforms.
Name SHIHO, Atsushi  【Professor】
Field of Interest Arithmetic Geometry
Crystals, p-adic cohomology, rigid geometry.
Name SHIMOMURA, Akihiro  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Analysis
Functional analysis, Evolution equations, Functional equations
Name SHIRAISHI, Jun-ichi 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Solvable Lattice Model
Elliptic quantum groups.
Name TAKADA, Ryo  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations arising in fluid dynamics
Name TAKAGI, Shunsuke  【Professor】
Field of Interest Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra
Singularities, F-singularities, Frobenius splitting, local cohomology.
Name TAKAYAMA, Shigeharu  【Professor】
Field of Interest Complex Geometry
Adjoint bundle, singular Hermitian metric, multiplier ideal sheaf.
Name TANAKA, Hiromu  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Algebraic Geometry
Minimal model program in positive characteristic
Name TANAKA, Yuichiro  【Assistant Professor】
Field of Interest Representation theory
Geometry of homogeneous spaces, non-commutative harmonic analysis
Name TERADA, Itaru  【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Algebraic Combinatorics
Young diagrams, Robinson-Schensted correspondences, group representations.
Name TODA, Yukinobu  【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest Algebraic Geometry
Derived category of coherent sheaves, Bridgeland stability conditions, Donaldson-Thomas invariants
Name TSUJI, Takeshi  【Professor】
Field of Interest Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry
p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic representation, log algebraic geometry.
Name UEDA, kazushi 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Algebraic geometry,Symplectic geometry,Mathematical physics
Centered around mirror symmetry, which is a mysterious relationship between complex geometry and symplectic geometry motivated by string theory.
Name WILLOX, Ralph 【Professor】
Field of Interest Mathematical Physics, Integrable Systems
Painlevé equations, integrable reductions, Darboux transformations, nonlinear discrete systems.
Name YAMAZAKI, Masahito 【Professor】(Kavli IPMU)
Field of Interest String theory, mathematical physics, integrable models
I have been studying mathematical structures in quantum field theory and string theory by a combination of techniques from many different areas of mathematics, such as geometry, representation theory and integrable models. I am also interested in mathematical formulations of quantum field theories.
Name YOSHIDA, Nakahiro  【Professor】
Field of Interest Statistics
Asymptotic expansion and Malliavin calculus, limit theorems for semimartingales, statistical inference for stochastic differential equations, actuarial mathematics.
Name YOSHINO, Taro 【Associate Professor】
Field of Interest Lie theory
Clifford-Klein form, Topological blow-up.