Professor at
Department of Mathematical Sciences
( = Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences)
University of Tokyo

3-8-1 Komaba, Megoro-ku,
Tokyo 153-8914, Japan

Key words; Riemann surfaces, mapping class groups, Goldman-Turaev Lie bialgebra
my photo at a shopping mall in Strasbourg
access to the Mathematics Building at U Tokyo

list of publications
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list of (past and present) PhD students
information about me at the School of Science, U Tokyo

Johnson workshops;
1st (June 2013)
2nd (May 2017)
3rd (May 13-17, 2019)
4th (September 17-22, 2023)
online Johnson (2021-)

Tokyo-Seoul Conference in Mathematics, 2023 (Tokyo, Oct 2023)
JSPS-CNRS workshop (Strasbourg, Sept 2018)
Special Day for Teichmueller Theory (Sept 2017)
FMSP Lectures by Djament and Vespa (Jan 2016)
Mini-workshop by a CNRS-JSPS joint project (Nov 2015)

Tuesday Seminar on Topology at U Tokyo

Komaba Faculty House
Hikami Unit at the OIST
Mathematical Society of Japan

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