KATO, Akishi

Associate Professor
Mathematical Physics
Research interests
Mathematical structures of quantum field theories and string theories
Current research

The raison d'etre of string theories --- "quantization" and "renormalization" --- are still elusive and much has to be done from a mathematical point of view. I am interested in mathematical structures or phenomena in which those concepts play essential role. Currently I am working on topological, representation theoretical, categorical and combinatorial aspects of quantum field theories and their dualities.

Selected publications
  1. Quantum Dilogarithms and Partition q-Series
    Communications in Mathematical Physics 338 (2015) 457-481
    (with Yuji Terashima)
  2. Quiver Mutation Loops and Partition q-Series
    Communications in Mathematical Physics 336 (2015) 811-830
    (with Yuji Terashima)
  3. Zonotopes and four-dimensional superconformal field theories
    Journal of High Energy Physics 06(2007)037
  4. Modular invariance of string theory on AdS3
    Physics Letters B486 (2000) 306-31
    (with Yuji Satoh)
  5. D-brane Actions on Kahler Manifolds
    Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 1 (1997) 237-258
    (with Michael R. Douglas and Hirosi Ooguri)
  6. E7 type modular invariant Wess-Zumino theory and Gepner's string compactification
    Nuclear Physics B319 (1989) 474-490
    (with Yoshihisa Kitazawa)
  7. Classification of Modular Invariant Partition Functions in Two Dimensions
    Modern Physics Letters A2 (1987) 585-600

Memberships, activities and


The Mathematical Society of Japan

The Physical Society of Japan