Ueda, Kazushi

Title Associate Professor
Field Algebraic geometry,Symplectic geometry,Mathematical physics
Reserch Interests
Mirror symmetry
Current Research

My research interest is centered around mirror symmetry, which is a mysterious relationship between complex geometry and symplectic geometry motivated by string theory.

Selected Publications
  1. Dimer models and the special McKay correspondence,with Akira Ishii,Geometry and Topology,to appear.
  2. Tropical coamoeba and torus-equivqriant homological mirror symmetry for the projective space,with Masahiro Futaki,Communications in Mathematical Physics,Volume 332(2014),53-87
  3. Homological mirror symmetry for the quintic 3-fold, with Yuichi Nohara, Geometry and Topology, Volume 16 (2012), 1967-2001.
  4. Homological mirror symmetry for toric orbifolds of toric del Pezzo surfaces, with Masahito Yamazaki, Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik, Volume 680 (2013), 1-22.
  5. Stability conditions on A_n-singularities, with Akira Ishii and Hokuto Uehara, Journal of Differential Geometry, Volume 84 (2010), 87-126.
Memberships The Mathematical Society of Japan