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15:00-16:00   数理科学研究科棟(駒場) 270号室
Bernadette Miara 氏 (Université Paris-Est, ESIEE, France)
Justification of a Shallow Shell Model in Unilateral Contact with an Obstacle (ENGLISH)
[ 講演概要 ]
We consider a three-dimensional elastic shell in unilateral contact with a plane. This lecture aims at justifying the asymptotic limit of the set of equilibrium equations of the structure when the thickness of the shell goes to zero. More precisely, we start with the 3D Signorini problem (with finite thickness) and obtain at the limit an obstacle 2D problem. This problem has already been studied [4] in the Cartesian framework on the basis of the bi-lateral problem [3]. The interest and the difficulty of the approach in the curvilinear framework (more appropriate to handle general shells) is due to the coupling between the tangential and transverse covariant components of the elastic field in the expression of the nonpenetrability conditions.
The procedure is the same as the one used in the asymptotic analysis of 3D bilateral structures [1, 2]: assumptions on the data, (loads and geometry of the middle surface of the shell) and re-scalling of the unknowns (displacement field or stress tensor); the new feature is the special handling of the components coupling.
The main result we obtain is as follows:
i) Under the assumption of regularity of the external volume and surface loads, and of the mapping that defines the middle surface of the shell, we establish that the family of elastic displacements converges strongly as the thickness tends to zero in an appropriate set which is a convex cone.
ii) The limit elastic displacement is a Kirchhoff-Love field given by a variational problem which will be analysed into details. The contact conditions are fully explicited for any finite thickness and at the limit.
This is a joint work with Alain L´eger, CNRS, Laboratoire de M´ecanique et d’Acoustique, 13402, Marseille, France.