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Organizer(s) ABE Noriyuki, IWAKI Kohei, KAWAZUMI Nariya (chair), KOIKE Yuta


15:30-16:30   Online
Registration is closed (12:00, December 17).
Jun-Muk Hwang (Center for Complex Geometry, IBS, Korea)
Growth vectors of distributions and lines on projective hypersurfaces (ENGLISH)
[ Abstract ]
For a distribution on a manifold, its growth vector is a finite sequence of integers measuring the dimensions of the directions spanned by successive Lie brackets of local vector fields belonging to the distribution. The growth vector is the most basic invariant of a distribution, but it is sometimes hard to compute. As an example, we discuss natural distributions on the spaces of lines covering hypersurfaces of low degrees in the complex projective space. We explain the ideas in a joint work with Qifeng Li where the growth vector is determined for lines on a general hypersurface of degree 4 and dimension 5.