Number Theory Seminar

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Date, time & place Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00 117Room #117 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
Organizer(s) Naoki Imai, Shane Kelly


15:15-18:45   Room #117 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
Dennis Eriksson (東大数理/Paris) 15:15-16:15
Towards a proof of a metrized Deligne-Riemann-Roch theorem
小林 真一 (名古屋大学多元数理) 16:30-17:30
(A two variable p-adic L-function for CM elliptic curves at supersingular primes)
Frans Oort (Utrecht) 17:45-18:45
Irreducibility of strata and leaves in the moduli space of abelian varieties