MIEDA, Yoichi

Associate Professor
Number theory
Research interests
Langlands correspondence, Shimura varieties, Rapoport-Zink spaces
Current research

I am trying to understand automorphic representations and representations of p-adic reductive groups by means of geometry of Shimura varieties and Rapoport-Zink spaces.

Selected publications
  1. Comparison results for etale cohomology in rigid geometry, Journal of Algebraic Geometry 23 (2014), 91--115.
  2. Lefschetz trace formula and l-adic cohomology of Lubin-Tate tower, Mathematical Research Letters 19 (2012), 95--107.
  3. Non-cuspidality outside the middle degree of l-adic cohomology of the Lubin-Tate tower, Advances in Mathematics 225 (2010), 2287--2297.
  4. On l-independence for the etale cohomology of rigid spaces over local fields, Compositio Mathematica 143 (2007), 393--422.


and Award

Mathematical Society of Japan