The research in our analysis section covers broad areas of mathematics including complex analysis, the theory of differential equations, the theory of operator algebras, real analysis, representation theory, and probability theory. Among others, our study of differential equations is roughly divided into the following subjects: linear partial differential equations, non-linear partial differential equations, integrable systems, inverse problems, etc. Our study depends on various methods, e.g., those coming from complex analysis, real analysis, micro-local analysis including algebraic analysis originated by Mikio Sato, functional analysis in the tradition of Tosio Kato and Kôsaku Yosida, non-linear analysis including variational calculus and fixed point theorems, probability theory, and the studies of dynamical systems and integrable systems, to name a few. This kind of wide variety also appears in other areas of our analysis section as well, and in some cases it goes beyond the framework of analysis.

Some members in our section are working in areas which do not appear above but are closely related to the above. For more information on research areas of our members, we refer to the list of faculty members.


April 2023