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Organizer(s) ASUKE Taro, TERADA Itaru, HASEGAWA Ryu, MIYAMOTO Yasuhito (chair)


15:30-16:30   Room #大講義室(auditorium) (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
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Mircea Mustaţă (The University of Michigan)
The minimal exponent of hypersurface singularities (English)
[ Abstract ]
The log canonical threshold of a hypersurface is an invariant of singularities that plays an important role in birational geometry, but which arises in many other contexts and admits different characterizations. A refinement of this invariant is Saito's minimal exponent, whose definition relies on the theory of b-functions, an important concept in D-module theory. The new information (by comparison with the log canonical threshold) provides a numerical measure of rational singularities. In this talk I will give an introduction to minimal exponents, highlighting recent progress and open questions.
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