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Organizer(s) ABE Noriyuki, IWAKI Kohei, KAWAZUMI Nariya (chair), KOIKE Yuta


15:30-16:30   Online
Curtis T McMullen (Harvard University)
Billiards and Moduli Spaces (ENGLISH)
[ Abstract ]
 The moduli space M_g of compact Riemann surface of genus g has been studied from diverse mathematical viewpoints for more than a century.
 In this talk, intended for a general audience, we will discuss moduli space from a dynamical perspective. We will present general rigidity results, provide a glimpse of the remarkable curves and surfaces in M_g discovered during the last two decades, and explain how these algebraic varieties are related to the dynamics of billiards in regular polygons, L-shaped tables and quadrilaterals.
 A variety of open problems will be mentioned along the way.
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