Tuesday Seminar on Topology

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Date, time & place Tuesday 17:00 - 18:30 056Room #056 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
Organizer(s) KAWAZUMI Nariya, KITAYAMA Takahiro, SAKASAI Takuya


18:00-19:00   Online
Pre-registration required. See our seminar webpage.
Dexie Lin (The University of Tokyo)
Monopole Floer homology for codimension-3 Riemannian foliation (ENGLISH)
[ Abstract ]
In this paper, we give a systematic study of Seiberg-Witten theory on closed oriented manifold with codimension-3 oriented Riemannian foliation. Under a certain topological condition, we construct the basic monopole Floer homologies for a transverse spinc structure with a bundle-like metric, generic perturbation and a complete local system. We will show that these homologies are independent of the bundle-like metric and generic perturbation. The major difference between the basic monopole Floer homologies and the ones on manifolds is the necessity to use the complete local system to construct the monopole Floer homologies.
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