Harmonic Analysis Komaba Seminar

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Date, time & place Saturday 13:00 - 18:00 128Room #128 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)


13:00-18:00   Room #128 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
Yoshihiro Sawano (Tokyo Metropolitan University) 13:30-15:00
Critical Sobolev embedding of function spaces and the real interpolation functor
[ Abstract ]
We consider the endpoint case of the Sobolev embedding.
It is well known that the function spaces such as Sobolev spaces are not embedded into L^¥infty in the critical case.
One of the remedies is the Brezis-Gallouet-Wainger type
estimate. However, such an estimate involve the log term
and it can not be regarded as the norm.
In this talk, by using the real interpolation functor, we propose another formulation. We compare
the existing result with our new results.
If time permits, we mention some related results.
Mai Fujita (Osaka University) 15:30-17:00
On weighted estimates for multilinear Fourier multipliers with Sobolev regularity