Tokyo-Nagoya Algebra Seminar

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Organizer(s) Noriyuki Abe, Aaron Chan, Osamu Iyama, Yasuaki Gyoda, Hiroyuki Nakaoka, Ryo Takahashi


16:40-18:10   Online
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Martin Kalck (Freiburg University)
A surface and a threefold with equivalent singularity categories (English)
[ Abstract ]
We discuss a triangle equivalence between singularity categories of an
affine surface and an affine threefold.
Both are isolated cyclic quotient singularities.
This seems to be the first (non-trivial) example of a singular
equivalence involving varieties of even and odd Krull dimension.

The same approach recovers a result of Dong Yang showing a singular
equivalence between certain cyclic quotient singularities in dimension
2 and certain finite dimensional commutative algebras.

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