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18:00-19:00   Online
Day 3 of a series of three lectures (3/17,18,19)
Matthew Morrow (CNRS, IMJ-PRG)
Progress in syntomic cohomology (ENGLISH)
[ Abstract ]
The talks will present a survey of the (quasi)syntomic cohomology theory introduced by Bhatt, Scholze, and the speaker; this provides a variant of the syntomic cohomology of Fontaine, Kato, and Messing which has the advantage of being defined in a greater degree of generality and working well with torsion coefficients even for small primes. Although it underlies in principle a general theory of p-adic étale motivic cohomology, the talks will probably focus more on arithmetic aspects such as applications in p-adic Hodge theory. Based on various projects joint with Antieau, Bhatt, Clausen, Kelly, Lüders, Mathew, Nikolaus, and Scholze.
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