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16:00-16:50   Room #002 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
Hans-Otto Walther (University of Giessen)
The semiflow of a delay differential equation on its solution manifold (ENGLISH)
[ Abstract ]
The lecture surveys work after the turn of the millenium on well-posedness of initial value problems for di_erential equations with variable delay. The focus is on results which provide continuously di_erentiable solution operators, so that in case studies ingredients of dynamical systems theory, such as local invariant manifolds or Poincar_e return maps, become available. We explain why the familar theory of retarded functional di_erential equations [1,2,4] fails for equations with variable delay, discuss what has been achieved for the latter, for autonomous and for nonautonomous equations, with delays bounded or unbounded, and address open problems.
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