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14:30-15:30   Room #118 (Graduate School of Math. Sci. Bldg.)
Gerard Ben Arous (Courant Institute, New York Univ.)
Stable limits for biased random walks on random trees (JAPANESE)
[ Abstract ]
It is well know that transport in random media can be hampered by dead-end regions and that the velocity can even vanish for strong drifts. We study this phenomenon in great detail for random trees. That is, we study the behavior of biased random walks on supercritical random trees with leaves, in the sub-ballistic regime. When the drift is strong enough it is well known that trapping in the dead-ends of the tree, causes the velocity to vanish. We study the behavior of the walk in this regime, and in particular find the exponents for the mean displacement and the time to reach a given large distance. We also establish a scaling limit result in the case where the drift are random and a non-lattice condition is satisfied. (Joint work with Alexander Fribergh, Alan Hammond, Nina Gantert)