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  • 2017/03/30
    Number Theory Seminar   16:40-17:40   Room #056
    Haoyu Hu (University of Tokyo)
    Logarithmic ramifications via pull-back to curves (English)
  • 2017/04/10
    Seminar on Geometric Complex Analysis   10:30-12:00   Room #128
    Kengo Hirachi (The University of Tokyo)
  • 2017/04/11
    Number Theory Seminar   17:30-18:30   Room #117
    Peter Scholze (University of Bonn)
    The geometric Satake equivalence in mixed characteristic (ENGLISH)
    Numerical Analysis Seminar   16:50-18:20   Room #002
    Shinya Uchiumi (Waseda University)
    Some issues in the Lagrange-Galerkin method and solutions: computability, dependence on the viscosity and inflow boundary conditions (日本語)
    Tuesday Seminar on Topology   17:00-18:30   Room #056
    Tea: Common Room 16:30-17:00
    Alexander Voronov (University of Minnesota)
    Homotopy Lie algebroids (ENGLISH)
  • 2017/04/17
    Seminar on Geometric Complex Analysis   10:30-12:00   Room #128
    Yuta Kusakabe (Osaka University)
    Dense holomorphic curves in spaces of holomorphic maps
  • 2017/04/18
    Algebraic Geometry Seminar   15:30-17:00   Room #122
    Takeru Fukuoka (Tokyo)
    TBA (English)