Proper Actions and Representation Theory. Mini-courses of Mini-lectures (Organizers: Pierre Clare (William & Mary), Nigel Higson (Penn State) and Birgit Speh (Cornell). AIM Research Community: Representation Theory & Noncommutative Geometry (online), 25 April-16 May 2022.

I plan to introduce some topics on proper actions with emphasis on their relation to representation theory. No special background knowledge will be required. The lectures will be short without details, but with elementary examples so that they fit into teatime. The lectures are loosely related but are mostly independent of one another. The first two topics are of more geometric nature, and the last two are of more analytic nature.

Apr. 25: Discontinuous dual and properness criterion [ slides ]
May 02: The Mackey analogy and proper actions [ slides ]
May 09: Tempered subgroups à la Margulis [ slides ]
May 16: Tempered homogeneous spaces [ slides ]

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