Trends in Modern Geometry

7 (Mon) --11 (Fri) July 2014 @ University of Tokyo



The main purpose of this symposium is to intensively discuss recent remarkable progress in the field of geometry, especially complex/Kaehler geometry, symplectic geometry, and Riemannian geometry. Another goal of this symposium is to give guidance for beginning graduate students, and especially to motivate them to further study these areas of geometry.

Date and Venue

Date:   7 (Mon)--11(Fri) July 2014
Venue:   Lecture Hall, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences , University of Tokyo ( Access Map)

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There will be a reception in honor of Akito Futaki's 60th birthday and Toshiki Mabuchi's retirement from Osaka University.

Date and Time:   10 (Thu) July 2014, 18:00--
Venue:   Lever son Verre Komaba (ルヴェソンヴェール駒場, Access )

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Speakers (Confirmed)

  • Claudio Arezzo (ICTP)
  • Olivier Biquard (ENS)
  • Xiuxiong Chen (Stony Brook)
  • Kenji Fukaya (SCGP)
  • Shouhei Honda (Kyushu)
  • Naichung Conan Leung (CUHK)
  • Ngaiming Mok (Hong Kong)
  • Kaoru Ono (RIMS)
  • Sean Paul (Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Dietmar Salamon (ETH)
  • Yuji Sano (Kumamoto)
  • Jian Song (Rutgers)
  • Song Sun (Stony Brook)
  • Gang Tian (Beijing/Princeton)
  • Takao Yamaguchi (Kyoto)

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This symposium is supported by:

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • (A) No. 25247003 (Akito Futaki)
  • (B) No. 25287010 (Toshiki Mabuchi)
  • (C) No. 24540061 (Nobuhiro Honda)
from JSPS, and

Leading Graduate Course for Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences and Physics , the University of Tokyo.

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