Yasuhito Miyamoto's educational background and professional career

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Reaction-Diffusion systems, Activator-Inhibitor systems, Gierer-Meinhardt system,
Nonlinear semiflows,
Elliptic PDEs, The "hot spots"
Global attractors, Connecting orbits, Lyapunov functionals,
Singularly perturbation, Order preserving systems,

Current and old Members
NameGraduation yearNow
田邉好秀(TANABE Yoshihide) B=14
高橋和音(TAKAHASHI, Kazune) M=15D
手塚峻典(TEZUKA, Takenori) M=16D
宮原弘行(MIYAHARA, Hiroyuki)M=16
鈴木将満(SUZUKI, Masamitsu) B=16M