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The main purpose of Trends in Modern Geometry is to intensively discuss recent remarkable progress in the field of geometry, especially complex/Kaehler geometry, symplectic geometry, and Riemannian geometry. Another goal of this symposium is to give guidance for beginning graduate students, and especially to motivate them to further study these areas of geometry.

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Richard Bamler (Berkeley)
Tristan Collins (Harvard)
Tamas Darvas (Maryland)
Georges Dloussky (Aix-Marseille Univ)
Kento Fujita (Kyoto)
Ursula Hamenstaedt (Bonn)
Yoshinori Hashimoto (Univ College London)
Tomoyuki Hisamoto (Nagoya)
Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook)

John Lott (Berkeley)
Ayato Mitsuishi (Gakushuin)
Kaoru Ono (Kyoto, RIMS)
Natasa Sesum (Rutgers)
Egor Shelukhin (Princeton, IAS)
Jake Solomon (Hebrew Univ)
Cristiano Spotti (Cambridge)
Jeff Viaclovsky (Wisconsin, Madison)
Christopher Woodward (Rutgers)


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Registration (8:00-9:00)
3 Talks (9:00-)
2 Talks (14:30-)


3 Talks (9:00-)
2 Talks (15:00-)


3 Talks (9:00-)
3 Talks (14:30-)
Reception (18:00-)


3 Talks (9:00-)

  • Refreshments will be served for Registration, Morning (8:30-9:00) and Breaks.
  • Reception will be held on 23 July (Sat) @ Common Room on the 2nd floor of Mathematical Sciences Building.

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  • Room:
    The symposium will be held at Lecture Hall, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Building in University of Tokyo (Komaba Campus) .
    Campus Map (Bldg no.53 in PDF ).

  • Accommodation :
    For some participants (especially, for foreign participants), accommodation will be booked at Tokyu Stay Shibuya (東急ステイ渋谷)
    @ GoogleMap .

  • Route maps:
    • Narita Airport Shibuya (渋谷) Station
    • Shibuya (渋谷) Station the hotel (10 min by walk).
    • Search Site: Train Route Finder

  • From hotel to university (less than 1 km):
    The gate closest to the Math Sci Build is the east gate (Suiji gate, no.6 in PDF ).

Route: Hotel University
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Akito Futaki (Tokyo)
Nobuhiro Honda (Tokyo Tech)
Toshiki Mabuchi (Osaka)
Hajime Ono (Saitama)
Yuji Sano (Fukuoka)
Jeff Viaclovsky (Madison)


This symposium is supported by:
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from JSPS
(A) No. 25247003 (Akito Futaki)
(B) No. 25287010 (Toshiki Mabuchi)
(B) No. 16H03932 (Nobuhiro Honda)

& Leading Graduate Course for Frontiers of
Mathematical Sciences and Physics , the University of Tokyo.