Theoretical studies of topological phases of matter

December 17-18, 2020

Panasonic Auditorium, Yukawa Hall

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan

This is a hybrid meeting, a combination of an online meeting on Zoom and an on-site meeting.

Organized by

Akira Furusaki   

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi   

Masatoshi Sato   

Ken Shiozaki   

Keisuke Totsuka   

Invited Speakers

Yuto Ashida  

Chang-Tse Hsieh  

Kohei Kawabata  

Max Lein  

Yoshiko Ogata  

Yuya Tanizaki  

Hal Tasaki  

Haruki Watanabe  

Kazuya Yonekura  

Tiantian Zhang  

The schedule is in Japan Standard Time.

Thursday, December 17
9:45-10:45 Hal Tasaki Ogata index for quantum spin chains and its applications video/slides
11:00-12:00 Yoshiko Ogata Classification of symmetry protected topological phases in quantum spin systems slides
13:30-14:30 Yuto Ashida Shedding quantum light on quantum many-body systems slides
14:45-15:45 Chang-Tse Hsieh Fermionic minimal models slides
16:00-17:00 Haruki Watanabe Multipole moments and fractional corner charges of insulating materials slides
Friday, December 18
9:45-10:45 Kohei Kawabata Topological Field Theory of Non-Hermitian Systems slides
11:00-12:00 Max Lein On the bulk classification of non-Hermitian topological insulators modeled by spectral operators slides
13:30-14:30 Kazuya Yonekura Nonperturbative anomaly inflow for fermions (and p-form fields) slides
14:45-15:45 Tiantian Zhang Symmetry-based indicator theories and beyond for predicting topological materials
16:00-17:00 Yuya Tanizaki Anomaly and global inconsistency in QFTs slides

Everyone can participate the meeting online. The Zoom link will be sent by e-mail to those who have registered on the above form. We cannot give financial supports to participants except for invited speakers, unfortunately. If you have any inquiry, please send an e-mail to Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (

This meeting is supported by the grants "Theoretical studies of topological phases of matter" of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JPMJCR19T2, Y. Kawahigashi) and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University.

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