Fifty years of Tomita-Takesaki Theory

June 15-19, 2020

the University of Tokyo, Japan

Organized by

M. Izumi  

Y. Kawahigashi  

Y. Ogata  

N. Ozawa  

We now have to postopone this conference, quite unfortunately. We will announce the new dates later.


Invited Speakers

Hiroshi Ando

Sebastiano Carpi  

Alain Connes**

Stefan Hollands

Cyril Houdayer

Yusuke Isono

Masaki Izumi

Vaughan Jones

Gandalf Lechner

Roberto Longo

Amine Marrakchi  

Toshihiko Masuda

Sergey Neshveyev

Yoshiko Ogata

Narutaka Ozawa

Sorin Popa

Dimitri Shlyakhtenko*  

Yoh Tanimoto

Reiji Tomatsu

Yoshimichi Ueda

Stefaan Vaes

Feng Xu

* indicates "to be confirmed". ** indicates a video talk.

This is on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of publication of Takesaki's Springe Lecture Notes volume, "Tomita's theory of modular Hilbert algebras and its applications". He will attend the conference.

The conference is held at Graduate School of Mathematical Scienes, the University of Tokyo. Here is an instruction on how to come to the University.

The conference is open to everyone. We cannot give financial supports to participants except for invited speakers, unfortunately. If you have any inquiry, please send one to Yasuyuki Kawahigashi ( If you need an official invitation letter for administrations at your institution or a visa application, please also write to us.

This meeting is supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research "Integrated Development of Operator Algebras" (Y. Kawahigashi, 19H00640).

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