Plans of Yasu Kawahigashi

April 2020 - July 2020
Faculty Meeting
(Once a month)
Operator Algebra Seminar
Schedules of visitors Travel (and other) Plans 8/28-30/2020 Summer School on Mathematical Physics (in Japanese) the University of Tokyo 8/31-9/4/2020 Entrance Examination to the Graduate Program the University of Tokyo 10/18-23/2020 Theoretical studies of topological phases of matter Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University 12/6-12/2020 Non-Commutative Analysis, Geometry and related Quantum Theory Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum, China 12/13-18/2020 Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India 12/21-25/2020 One-week Lectures of Yuki Arano the University of Tokyo 1/18-22/2021 East Asian Core Doctoral Forum on Mathematics National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan 1/28-29/2021 Presentation of Ph.D. theses the University of Tokyo 2/1-3/2021 Presentation of Master's theses the University of Tokyo 2/4-5/2021 Entrance Examination for the Ph.D. program the University of Tokyo 2/8-12/2021 Quantum math, singularities and applications Okinawa Insitute of Science and Technology 4/2021-3/2022 Theory of operator algebras and its applications RIMS, Kyoto University 4/25-5/2/2021 Follow-up Workshop to TP "Von Neumann Algebras" Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics, Germany 5/16-23/2021 C*-algebras, K-theories and Noncommutative Geometries of Correlated Condensed Matter Systems Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, U.S.A. 6/14-18/2021 Workshop on von Neumann algebras and related topics RIMS, Kyoto University 6/27-7/4/2021 A conference in honour of David Evans' 70th birthday Gregynog Hall, United Kingdom 7/19-23/2021 The Second Australia-China-Japan-Singapore-U.S. Index Theory Conference--Noncommutative Geometry and K-Theory RIMS, Kyoto University 7/25-31/2021 Asian Mathematical Conference Halong, Vietnam 8/1-9/2021 ICMP 2021 Geneva, Switzerland 8/15-22/2021 International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications Lancaster, England 9/2021 Mathematical Society of Japan-Korean Mathematical Society Joint Meeting 2020 Chiba University 10/18-22/2021 Workshop on C*-algebras and related topics RIMS, Kyoto University 1/3-10/2022 5th Conference of Settat on Operator Algebras and Applications Marrakech, Morocoo

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