The 9th MSJ-SI

(Mathematical Society of Japan, Seasonal Institute)

Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics

August 1 (Mon) - 12 (Fri), 2016

Sakura Hall, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Organized by

M. Izumi   

Y. Kawahigashi (Chairman)  

M. Kotani

H. Matui

N. Ozawa


Program and some slides of talks

Invited Speakers for the Summer School (August 1-5)

Masaki Izumi

Roberto Longo   

Hiroki Matui   

Yoshiko Ogata

Narutaka Ozawa   

Sorin Popa

Ingo Runkel

Invited Speakers for the Conference (August 8-12)

Benoît Collins

Marius Dadarlat

David Evans

Terry Gannon

Pinhas Grossman   

Cyril Houdayer

Adrian Ioana

David Kerr

Yoshikata Kida

Ralf Meyer

Bruno Nachtergaele   

Jesse Peterson   

Ian Putnam

Karl-Henning Rehren   

Mikael Rørdam

Yasuhiko Sato

Yoh Tanimoto

Stefaan Vaes

Wilhelm Winter

Feng Xu

Makoto Yamashita

We have no lectures on August 6 and 7. The talks will start in the Monday morning and end in the Friday afternoon. August 11 is a national holiday, but we will have lectures on this day.

This is on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Sakai's characterization of the W*-algebras.

We will have a dinner party in the evening of Tuesday, August 9. It costs 4,000 yen and everyone is invited.

The summer school and conference are open to everyone.

The Sendai Tanabata Festival will be held on August 6-8. Please be careful that hotels will be crowded. Here is an instruction on hotels. Here is an instruction on how to come to Sendai. Here is a link to the Sendai Tourism Site.

We cannot give financial supports to participants except for invited speakers, unfortunately.

If you have any inquiry, please send one to Yasuyuki Kawahigashi ( If you need an official invitation letter for administrations at your institution or a visa application, please also write to us.

Supported by the Mathematical Society of Japan, AIMR (Tohoku University), Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research "Operator Algebras and Applications to Mathematical Physics" (Y. Kawahigashi, 15H02056), and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research "Symmetries of Operator Algebras and Subfactors" (M. Izumi, 15H03623), This meeting is also supported by International Association of Mathematical Physics (category C).

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