Conference on C*-Algebras and Related Topics

September 5 (Mon) - 9 (Fri), 2011

RIMS, Kyoto University, Japan

Organized by

M. Izumi

Y. Kawahigashi (Chairman) 

H. Matui

H. Okamoto 

N. Ozawa

Y. Ueda


Invited Speakers

Nathanial Brown

Marius Dadarlat

Søren Eilers

George Elliott

Ilijas Farah

Thierry Giordano

Masaki Izumi

Takeshi Katsura

David Kerr

Eberhard Kirchberg   

Akitaka Kishimoto   

Huaxin Lin

Hiroki Matui

Magdalena Musat

Yoshiko Ogata

Narutaka Ozawa

N. Christopher Phillips   

Ian Putnam

Mikael Rørdam

Yasuhiko Sato

Christian Skau

Andreas Thom

Andrew Toms

Wilhelm Winter

Stanislaw Woronowicz

We will have a dinner party on campus from 6:30pm on Tuesday, September 6. The fee is 4,000 yen for a regular faculty, and 2,000 yen for everybody else (including spouses, but kids are free).

This is a part of the program Operator Algebras and their Applications.

The conference will be held in Lecture Hall 420 on the fourth floor of the RIMS. Here is a picture of the lecture hall. Here is an access map to the RIMS.

Here is travel information to come to Kyoto. Here is hotel information. They will have a special big event at a Buddism temple, Hongwanji, from September 9 to 16. We suggest you to make an early reservation for your hotel stay.

We have no official registration procedures. The conference is open to everyone.

The deadline for an application for financial supports is past.

If you have any inquiry, please send one to Yasuyuki Kawahigashi ( (If you need an official invitation letter for administrations at your institution or a visa application, please also write to us.)

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