Hotel reservations for our
RIMS Program on Operator Algebras

Here is a map of RIMS, Kyoto University.

RIMS secretaries can make a hotel reservation for you. Please ask Yasuyuki Kawahigashi at for the contact information. An apartment for a longer stay is also available.

You can find general hotel information at Rakuten in English.

There are few hotels in the walking distance from the RIMS campus. One of them is Hotel Avanshell Kyoto and this is our standard hotel for oversea visitors. (RIMS secretaries have a corporate rate for this hotel.)

With subway and buses, you can make easy connections to the RIMS campus from many hotels. The closest subway station within the walking distance from RIMS is Demachiyanagi of Keihan Railway.

One possible choice with reasonable rates is The Palace Side Hotel. The rates advertised there give you a general idea on the typical hotel rates for our visitors.

In the Sanjo/Shijo area, you also find many hotels. You can take a subway or a bus, or walk for 30-40 minutes to come to RIMS from there.

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