T. Kobayashi and B. Speh, A hidden symmetry of a branching law, Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics (V. Dobrev, ed.), Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, vol. 335, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., 2020, pp. 15-28, doi: 10.1007/978-981-15-7775-8_2. arXiv: 2006.16667..

We consider branching laws for the restriction of some irreducible unitary representations $\Pi$ of $G=O(p,q)$ to its subgroup $H=O(p-1,q)$. In Kobayashi (arXiv:1907.07994, [14]), the irreducible subrepresentations of $O(p-1,q)$ in the restriction of the unitary $\Pi|_{O(p-1,q) }$ are determined. By considering the restriction of packets of irreducible representations we obtain another very simple branching law, which was conjectured in {\O}rsted--Speh (arXiv:1907.07544, [17]).

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