F. Kassel and T. Kobayashi. Spectral analysis on standard locally homogeneous spaces. preprint, 98 pages. arXiv: 1912.12601

Let $X=G/H$ be a reductive homogeneous space with $H$ noncompact, endowed with a $G$-invariant pseudo-Riemannian structure. Let $L$ be a reductive subgroup of $G$ acting properly on $X$ and $\Gamma$ a torsion-free discrete subgroup of $L$. Under the assumption that the complexification $X_{\mathbb{C}}$ is $L_{\mathbb{C}}$-spherical, we show that any compactly supported $C^{\infty}$ function on the standard locally homogeneous space $X_{\Gamma}=\Gamma\backslash X$ can be expanded into joint eigenfunctions for those "intrinsic" differential operators coming from $G$-invariant operators on $X$. In particular, we prove that the pseudo-Riemannian Laplacian on $X_{\Gamma}$ is essentially self-adjoint. Furthermore, we exhibit an explicit correspondence between spectral analysis on $X_{\Gamma}$ and on $\Gamma\backslash L$ via branching laws for the restriction to the reductive subgroup $L$ of infinite-dimensional irreducible representations of $G$. In particular, we prove that the pseudo-Riemannian Laplacian on $X_{\Gamma}$ admits an infinite point spectrum when $X_{\Gamma}$ is compact or $\Gamma\subset L$ is arithmetic. The proof builds on structural results for invariant differential operators on spherical homogeneous spaces with overgroups.

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