Metric geometry and analysis

Date: December 9--13, 2013
Place: Room 110, Graduate School of Science Bldg. No. 3, Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University. Campus map


Program (html) and Abstracts (pdf)

Speakers & Titles

Martin Finn-Sell (University of Goettingen): The coarse boundary groupoid and inverse semigroup actions on spaces of graphs
Yoshiyasu Fukumoto (Kyoto University): Invariance of Finiteness of K-area under Surgery
Ana Khukhro (Clermont-Ferrand): Box spaces of free groups
Yoshikata Kida (Kyoto University): Stability in orbit equivalence, central extensions of groups, and relative property (T)
Takefumi Kondo (Tohoku University): Fixed point theorems for p-uniformly convex spaces
Hirokazu Maruhashi (Kyoto University): Vanishing of cohomology and parameter rigidity of actions of solvable Lie groups
Masato Mimura (Tohoku University): Group approximation in Cayley topology and coarse geometry: Coarse embeddings of amenable groups
Bogdan Nica (University of Goettingen): Proper isometric actions of hyperbolic groups on Lp-spaces
Piotr Nowak (IMPAN): Deformations, cohomology and fixed-point properties. 1, 2
Shin-ichi Oguni (Ehime University): Coronae and coarse homologies
Qinggang Ren (Chongqing University): Nagata dimension and asymptotic cones (tentative)
Hiroki Sako (Tokai University): Coarse amenability and its characterizations
Yuhei Suzuki (RIMS, Kyoto): Amenable minimal Cantor systems of free groups arising from diagonal actions
Tetsu Toyoda (Suzuka National College of Technology): Uniform estimates of nonlinear spectral gaps of finite connected graphs
Masaki Tsukamoto (Kyoto University): Mean dimension and an embedding problem
Rufus Willett (University of Hawaii): Exactness and coarse geometry. 1, 2

A Related Conference

Further development of Atiyah-Singer index theorem and K-theory,
organized by Tsuyoshi Kato, at the Dept. of Math., Kyoto Univ., on December 16--20, 2013.

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Organizers: Yoshikata Kida, Masato Mimura and Shin-ichi Oguni

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