Plans of Yasu Kawahigashi

April 2019 - July 2019
Faculty Meeting
(Once a month)
Operator Algebra Seminar
Schedules of visitors Travel (and other) Plans 2/16-23/2019 IRTG preparatory workshop Universität Hamburg, Germany 2/27-3/4/2019 Silver Workshop: Complex Geometry and Non-Commutative Geometry Workshop "Quantum Mathematics" Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology 3/11-29/2019 Microsoft Station Q, U.S.A. 4/14-20/2019 One-week Lectures Kyushu University 5/20-30/2019 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico 5/31-6/6/2019 Interactions between Noncommutative Analysis and Quantum Information Theory Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics of HIT, China 6/7-8/2019 The 23rd Takagi Lectures RIMS, Kyoto University 6/9-15/2019 The mathematical foundations of conformal field theory and related topics Chern Institute of Mathematics, China 6/16-30/2019 Operator Algebras and Quantum Physics Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, U.S.A. 7/15-21/2019 In and around topological physics Kuan-Gou, China 7/29-8/2/2019 The International Undergraduate Mathematics Summer School the University of Tokyo 8/2019 University of Copenhagen, Denmark 8/26-30/2019 Entrance Examination to the Master's program the University of Tokyo 10/27-11/3/2019 Subfactors and Applications Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany 1/30-31/2020 Presentations of Ph.D. theses the University of Tokyo 2/3-5/2020 Presentations of Master's theses the University of Tokyo 2/6-7/2020 Entrance Examination to the Ph.D. program the University of Tokyo 3-5/2020 Quantum Symmetries MSRI, U.S.A.

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