T. Kobayashi's List of Preprints

[1] T. Kobayashi, Residue formula for regular symmetry breaking operators, preprint, 29 pages. arXiv: 1709.05035. [ full info | arXiv ]
[2] T. Kobayashi and B. Speh, Symmetry breaking for orthogonal groups and a conjecture by B. Gross and D. Prasad, preprint, 25 pages. arXiv: 1702.00263. [ full info | arXiv ]
[3] Y. Benoist and T. Kobayashi, Tempered homogeneous spaces, preprint, 32 pages. arXiv: 1706.10131. [ full info | arXiv | preprint version(pdf) ]
[4] T. Kobayashi, Symmetry breaking operators for orthogonal groups o(n,1), 3 pages. To appear in Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach Report No. 25/2017. DOI: 10.4171/OWR/2017/25. Harmonic Analysis and the Trace Formula, Organised by Werner Müller, Sug Woo Shin, Birgit Speh, and Nicolas Templier. [ DOI | full info | preprint version(pdf) | full text(pdf) ]
[5] T. Kobayashi, Global analysis by hidden symmetry, Representation Theory, Number Theory, and Invariant Theory: In Honor of Roger Howe on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday (Jim Cogdell, Ju-Lee Kim, and Chen-Bo Zhu, eds.), Progress in Mathematics, 2017, pp. 361-399, arXiv: 160808356. ISBN 978-3-319-59727-0. [ full info | arXiv | preprint version(pdf) ]

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