T. Kobayashi's List of Preprints

[1] T. Kobayashi and M. Pevzner, Inversion of rankin-cohen operators via holographic transform, preprint. 52 pages. arXiv: 1812.09733. [ full info | arXiv | preprint version(pdf) ]
[2] F. Kassel and T. Kobayashi, Invariant differential operators on spherical homogeneous spaces with overgroups, preprint. 88 pages. arXiv: 1810.02803. [ full info | arXiv | preprint version(pdf) ]
[3] T. Kobayashi, Conformal symmetry breaking on differential forms and some applications, To appear in Geometric Methods in Physics XXXVI, in Trends in Math., Birkhäuser Springer. [ full info | arXiv | preprint version(pdf) ]
[4] T. Kobayashi and B. Speh, Symmetry breaking for orthogonal groups and a conjecture by B. Gross and D. Prasad, To appear in proceedings of the Simons Symposium on Geometric Aspects of the Trace Formula, Simons Symposia, Springer, Cham., 24 pages. arXiv: 1702.00263. [ full info | arXiv ]
[5] Y. Benoist and T. Kobayashi, Tempered homogeneous spaces, preprint, 32 pages. arXiv: 1706.10131. [ full info | arXiv | preprint version(pdf) ]

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