Recent Advances in von Neumann Algebras

May 14-17, 2003 at UCLA Organizers:

Y. Kawahigashi (Tokyo)
S. Popa (UCLA)
D. Shlyakhtenko (UCLA)

Wednesday 14 May 2003
09:00-09:45  Kadison
             An Introduction to the Theory of Von Neumann Algebras
09:50-10:35  Ozawa
             Some prime factorization results for type II1 factors
10:40-11:25  Popa
             The amenability-rigidity antimony in the study of 
             type II1 factors
11:30-12:00  N. Brown
             Connes' Embedding Problem and Lance's WEP
14:00-14:45  Doplicher
             Geometry of Quantum Spacetime
14:50-15:35  Ocneanu
             Quantum Subgroups and Canonical Bases
15:45-16:30  A. Wassermann
             Von Neumann algebras and loop groups
16:35-17:05  Landstad
             Compact, open subgroups of a quantum group and multiplier
             Hopf *-algebras
17:15-18:00  Izumi
             Group-subgroup subfactors

Thursday 15 May 2003
09:00-09:45  Jones
             The planar structure of subfactors
09:50-10:35  Bisch
             Singly Generated Planar Algebras and Subfactors
10:40-11:25  Kawahigashi
             Classification of 2-dimensional conformal field theories
             and 2-cohomology vanishing for tensor categories
11:30-12:00  Xu
             Conformal nets and strong additivity
14:00-14:45  Longo
             A Dichotomy in Conformal Field Theory
14:50-15:35  Schmidt
             On some of the differences between Z and Z2
15:40-16:25  Monod
             Rigidity in measure equivalence and orbit equivalence
16:30-17:00  Choda
             Compressions of automorphisms on II1 factors
17:05-17:35  Digernes
             Some phenomena in the vacuum sector of an unconventional
             quantum system

Friday 16 May 2003
09:00-09:45  Araki
             A commuting family of conditional expectations for Fermion
             C*-algebras and applications to equilibrium statistical mechanics
09:50-10:35  Ge
             Markov process in free probability
10:40-11:25  Shlyakhtenko
             Some estimates for non-microstates free entropy dimension
11:30-12:00  Bercovici
             Regularity of free convolutions 
14:00-14:30  Ueda
             A construction of von Neumann algebras related to 
             combinatorial group theory
14:40-15:10  Dykema
             Invariant subspaces of DT-operators
15:20-15:50  Matsui 
             On non-equilibrium steady states of quantum spin models
16:00-16:30  Hiai
             Shlyakhtenko's algebras and ultracontractivity of 
             Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup 

Saturday 17 May 2003
09:00-09:45  Pedersen
             Trace Inequalities in Several Variables
09:50-10:35  Arveson
             Asymptotic stability of completely positive maps
10:40-11:10  Christensen
             Spectral triples for UHF C*-algebras
11:15-11:45  Smith
             Asymptotic stability of completely positive maps
14:00-14:30  Boca
             Some spectral computations in rotation algebras
14:35-15:05  Kosaki
             One-parameter versions of the Heinz inequality
15:10-15:40  Sherman
             Analytic and algebraic aspects of noncommutative Lp spaces