22nd International Conference on Operator Theory Timisoara, Romania July 3 - July 8, 2008

Thu. July 3 Fri. July 4 Sat. July 5 Sun. July 6 Mon. July 7 Tue. July 8
9:00-9:40 Opening Kawahigashi Badea Muscalu Le Merdy Zuk
9:50-10:30 Vasilescu Radulescu Kerchy Kaftal Ton-That
11:00-11:40 Gelu Popescu Katsoulis Dritschel Neufang Labrousse
11:50-12:30 Muller Junge Peller Cassier
15:00-15:40 Janas Bercovici Zsido Queffelec Cheveau
16:00-16:30 parellel sessions Yakubovich
17:00-18:50 parellel sessions

Plenary Session Titles Badea: Tauberian theorems for iterates Bercovici: Schubert calculus for the practical man Cassier: Von Neumann and interior Schwarz inequalities for Z-contractions Chevreau: On rank-one perturbations of diagonal operators Dritschel: Fejer-Riesz factorization and Positivstellensatze Janas: Decay bounds of generalized eigenvectors of unbounded Jacobi matrices Junge: Linear structure of L1 spaces Kaftal: The Schur-Horn Theorem in infinite dimensions and related problems Katsoulis: Non-selfadjoint crossed products Kawahigashi: Super moonshine and operator algebras Kerchy: Spectral picture of contractions Labrousse: Connected components and isometries in the metric space of all closed linear subspaces of a Hilbert space Le Merdy: Rademacher averages on noncommutative symmetric spaces Muller: Blum-Hanson property and quasisimilarity of operators Muscalu: Multi-linear multipliers associated to simplexes of arbitrary length Neufang: Towards harmonic analysis on locally compact quantum groups Peller: Approximation by analytic matrix functions Gelu Popescu: Multivariable operator theory on noncommutative domains Queffelec: Carleson measures: an efficient tool for compactness or membership in Schatten classes of composition operators Radulescu: Type II1 Von Neumann representations for Hecke operators on Maass forms and inequalities for their eigenvalues Ton-That: Explicit decomposition of r-fold tensor products of irreducible representations of classical groups. Vasilescu: Quaternionic Cayley transforms revisited Yakubovich: Invariant subspaces of vector Hardy spaces of a multiply connected domain Zsido: Multiple recurrence for C*-dynamical systems Zuk: Automata groups