21st International Conference on Operator Theory Timisoara, Romania June 29 - July 4, 2006

Thu. June 29 Fri. June 30 Sat. July 1 Sun. July 2 Mon. July 3 Tue. July 4
9:00-9:40 Opening Peller Kawahigashi Douglas Esterle Xu
9:50-10:30 Vasilescu Queffelec Radulescu Mbekhta Cassier Dykema
10:50-11:30 Muller Junge Evans Misra Muscalu D'Antoni
11:40-12:20 Chevreau Gelu Popescu Dadarlat Kerchy Weiss Zsido
15:00-18:50 parellel sessions

Plenary Session Titles Cassier: Mapping formula for functional calculus, Julia's lemma for operators and applications Chevreau: On factorization properties for \rho-contractions Dadarlat: The homotopy groups of the automorphism group of Kirchberg algebras D'Antoni: Nuclearity and thermal states in conformal field theories Douglas: Complex geometry and operator theory Dykema: The microstates free entropy dimension of some operators in free group factors Esterle: Translation invariant subspaces for bilateral shifts with thick spectrum Evans: Modular invariants, subfactors, and twisted K-theory Junge: Maximal ergodic theorem with applications to semigroups Kawahigashi: Boundary conformal field theory and operator algebras Kerchy: Shift-type invariant subspaces of contractions Mbekhta: New results on linear preserver problems Misra: New constructions of homogeneous operators Muller: On weak orbits of operators Muscalu: Paraproducts with flag singularities Peller: Analytic approximations of rational matrix functions Gelu Popescu: Operator theory on noncommutative varieties Queffelec: Composition operators on Hardy-Orlicz and Bergman-Orlicz spaces Radulescu: Equivariant Toeplitz operators and Berezin quantization Vasilescu: Unbounded normal algebras Weiss: 3 paving small matrices and the Kadison-Singer extension problem Xu: Khintchine type inequalities for reduced free products and applications Zsido: Weyl-von Neumann type theorems for non-sigma-unital C*-algebras