Speaker: Yuhei Suzuki (Univ. Tokyo)

Title: Amenable minimal Cantor systems of free groups arising from diagonal actions

Time/Date: 4:30-6:00pm, Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Room: 118 Math. Sci. Building

Abstract: We construct and study amenable minimal Cantor systems of (non-amenable and f.g.) free groups. We show for every free group, (explicitly given) continuum many Kirchberg algebras are realized as the crossed product of an amenable minimal Cantor system of it. In particular, this shows there are continuum many Kirchberg algebras such that each of which is decomposed to the crossed products of amenable minimal Cantor systems of any virtually free group. We also give explicit computations of the K-theory for the diagonal actions of the boundary action and the odometer transformations. These computations with Matui's theorem classify their topological full groups.