Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics
Sinaia, Romania, June 26-July 4, 2003

Thursday, June 26
14:00-14:50 G. Pedersen Dimensions and low ranks for limits of C*-algebras
15:00-15:30 E. Beggs Vector fields in noncommutative differential geometry
16:00-16:30 V. Deaconu C*-algebras of commuting endomorphisms
16:40-17:00 M. Buneci Amenable representations of groupoids
17:10-17:30 C. Ivanescu On the classification of certain non real rank zero simple ASH algebras
Friday, June 27
9:30-10:20 G. Elliott New examples of amenable C*-algebras (based on the infinite-dimensional torus)
10:30-11:20 M. Rordam Purely infinite C*-algebras
11:50-12:20 B. Burgstaller Some multidimensional Cuntz algebras
12:30-13:00 B. Prunaru Representing biduals of operator algebras
15:00-15:50 G. Scharf Supersymmetric quantum gauge theories
16:20-16:50 S. Berceanu Realization of coherent state algebras by differential operators
17:00-17:30 A. Gheondea On generalized Luders theorem and injectivity
17:40-18:10 T. Constantinescu Orthogonal polynomials in several noncommuting polynomials
Saturday, June 28
9:30-10:20 M. Vittot Perturbation theory and control in classical or quantum mechanics by an inversion formula
10:30-11:20 J. Moller The Mourre method revisited
11:50-12:20 C. Ambrozie A result of invariant subspaces
12:30-13:00 H. Cornean Do bosons condense in a homogeneous magnetic field ?
15:00-15:50 Y. Dermenjian Inverse Problem for a nonlinear Helmholtz equation
16:20-17:10 F. Bentosela Scattering by surface: two solvable models
17:20-17:50 W. Farkas On pseudo-differential operators with exotic symbols
Sunday, June 29
9:30-10:20 O. Bratteli Operator theory and wavelets
10:30-11:20 D. Yafaev Scattering in magnetic fields
11:50-12:40 H. Siedentop Non-perturbative charge and mass renormalization of no-photon quantum electrodynamics
Monday, June 30
9:30-10:20 P. Exner Schrodinger operators with a graph-type singular interaction
10:30-11:20 S. Kleinerman Mathematics of general relativity
11:50-12:40 M. Dadarlat Groups, metric spaces and C*-algebras
14:30-15:00 A. Thom Connective E-theory and bivariant homology
15:10-15:40 V. Manuilov C*-extensions and asymptotic homomorphisms
15:50-16:20 A. Toms On the independence of K-theory and stable rank for simple C*-algebras
16:30-17:00 M. Popa Feynman Diagrams and Wick Products Associated with q-Fock spaces
17:30-18:00 F. Boca Spectral properties of certain classes of operators in rotation algebras
18:10-18:40 C. Pop Crossed products and entropy of automorphisms
18:50-19:20 D. Gaspar Hilbert modules over some Banach algebras
Tuesday, July 1
9:30-10:20 H. Moscovici Noncommutative Index Theory and Hopf Symmetry
10:30-11:20 L. Zsido Topological reduction methods yesterday and today
11:50-12:40 F. Goodman Non-crossing cumulants of type B, and graded cumulants
14:30-15:20 A. Ocneanu Quantum Subgroups, Subfactors and Canonical Bases for Lie Groups
15:30-16:20 F. Radulescu On the Connes embedding conjecture
16:50-17:40 N. Dinculeanu Stochastic Integration in Banach Spaces
Thursday, July 3
9:30-10:20 Y. Kawahigashi Classification of 2-dimensional conformal field theories and 2-cohomology vanishing for tensor categories
10:30-11:20 D. Evans Modular invariants and subfactors
11:50-12:40 R. Longo A dichotomy in Conformal Field Theory
12:50-13:10 M. Weiner Uniqueness of the representation of the Diff(S^1) symmetry in conformal field theories
15:00-15:50 D. Guido A converse Hawking-Unruh Effect and dS^2/CFT Correspondence
16:20-16:50 S. Richard Minimal escape velocity under minimal conditions
17:00-17:30 M. Mantoiu Asymptotically independent abelian C*-algebras
17:40-18:10 R. Purice Funcitonal calculus for observables of quantum systems in magnetic field
Friday, July 4
9:00-9:50 T. Isola A noncommutative approach to fractals
10:00-10:50 G. Nenciu On the smoothness of gap boundaries for generalized Harper Operators
11:20-12:10 P. Duclos Dynamical localization in periodically driven quantum systems