International Conference on Operator Algebras and
their connections to Mathematical Physics

November 28-December 2, 2005
Settat, Morocco

Monday, November 28
10:45-11:25 S. Doplicher Operator algebras and mathematical Physics
11:30-12:25 A. Toms A weak Elliott conjecture for Z-stable C*-algebras
14:30-15:10 O. Bratteli Operator theory and wavelets
15:15-15:55 H. Oyono-Oyono K-theory for C*-algebras of 3-manifolds fundamental groups
16:00-16:40 D. Guido Quantum Gromov-Hausdorff convergence and scaling imit theories
17:20-18:00 M. Rørdam Pascal's triangle, the GICAR-algebra, Hausdorff moment sequences and C*-algebras of real rank zero
Tuesday, November 29
9:00-9:40 H. Saidi QFT realization of Kac-Moody theory
9:45-10:25 J. Cuntz The Heisenberg commutation relation in the light of noncommutative geometry
11:00-11:40 Y. Kawahigashi Moonshine and operator algebras
11:45-12:25 D. Evans Modular invariants, subfactors and twisted K-theory
14:30-15:10 B. Bekka Spectral gap property for random walks
15:15-15:55 S. Echiterhoff K-theory of twisted group C*-algebras
16:00-16:20 T. Masson Noncommutative equivalent to principal fiber bundles
17:00-17:20 A. Ghanmi Complex disk polynomials suggested by the Schroedinger operator with constant magnetic field on the unit disk
Wednesday, November 30
9:00-9:40 M. T. Banameur Higher index theory in Haefliger cohomology
9:45-10:25 J. Renault Gibbs states for AP equivalence relations
11:00-11:40 G. Landi Geometry of instantons on toric noncommutative manifolds
11:45-12:25 S. Doplicher Quantum spacetime and quantum field theory
Thursday, December 1
9:00-9:40 J. Roberts Superselection theory on curved spacetime
9:45-10:25 A. Chamseddine On noncommutative space-time and gravitation
11:00-11:40 K. Schmuedgen Algebras of fractions and noncommutative Positivstellensaetze
11:45-12:25 R. Wulkenhaar Renormalisation
14:30-15:10 G. Cortinas Algebraic versus topological K-theory
15:15-15:55 J. Derezinski Return to equilibrium in open quantum systems
16:00-16:20 M. Kures Velocities and contact elements of the local algebra type