Operator Algebras and Quantum Field Theory
June 27-29, 2016
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Frascati, Italy

Monday, June 27
9:45-10:30D. Buchholz
  The resolvent algebra for quantum crystals: Dynamics, ground and equilibrium states
10:35-11:20N. Pinamonti
  Quantum states on cosmological spacetimes and quantum fluctuations
11:50-12:35V. Jones
  Scale invariant transfer matrices in quantum spin chains
12:40-13:25C. Pinzari
  Weak quasi-Hopf C*-algebras arising from fusion categories of type A
15:00-15:45V. Kac
  Representations of superconformal algebras and mock theta functions
16:15-17:00S. Carpi
  Loop groups, noncommutative geometry and conformal nets
Tuesday, June 28
9:45-10:30K.-H. Rehren
  Bethe ansatz and holonomy operators: a quantum-mechanical recreation
10:35-11:20M. Bischoff
  Conformal nets, alpha-induction and defects
11:50-12:35C. J. Fewster
  Nonabelian cohomology and symmetries of locally covariant quantum field theories
12:40-13:25B. Kay
  The matter-gravity entanglement hypothesis
15:00-15:45G. Lechner
  SO(d,1)-invariant Yang-Baxter operators and the dS/CFT correspondence
16:15-17:00S. Doplicher
  Remembering John Roberts
Wednesday, June 29
9:45-10:30Y. Kawahigashi
  A relative tensor product of subfactors over a modular tensor category
10:35-11:20M. Weiner
  Quantum Fields and Local Energy Bounds
11:50-12:35F. Xu
  On reconstruction program
12:40-13:25S. Popa
  Paving over arbitrary MASAs in von Neumann algebras
15:00-15:45E. Shuryak
  Gauge field topology, semi-classics and path integrals
16:15-17:00K. Fredenhagen
  Cosmology as a testing ground for quantum gravity