CBMS-Conference Classification of amenable subfactors and related topics Eugene, U.S.A., 1993 Popa: 1. General Theory 2. Basics of type II1 case 3. Approximate innerness and central freeness 4. Amenability 5. Proof of II1 case 6. (same) 7. Type III theory 8. Approximate innerness and central freeness for type III subfactors 9. Proof of the main theorem 10. Axiomatization of higher relative commutants, list of subfactors D. Bisch: Combinatorial and analytical properties of subfactors P. de la Harpe: Commuting squares and state models for link diagrams D. Evans: Subfactors and modular invariants M. Izumi: On the role of Cuntz-Krieger algebras in index theory Y. Kawahigashi: Paragroups and their actions on subfactors R. Powers: New examples of continuous semigroups of endomorphisms of B(H) F. Radulescu: Noncommutative probability and number theory E. Stormer: Entropy in operator algebras V. Sunder: Obstruction for standard graphs M. Takesaki: Classsification in Functional Analysis A. Wassermann: Subfactors and their applications in conformal field theory Constructive and algebraic conformal field theory H. Wenzl: Categories and subfactors