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Commun. Math. Phys. (Online First) Vol. 1-182 (Project Euclid)
Internat. J. Math.
Japan. J. Math.
J. Math. Phys.
J. Math. Sci., Univ. Tokyo
Rev. Math. Phys.
Project Euclid

J. Funct. Anal.
J. Operator Theory online version
J. Noncomm. Geom.
arXiv OA QA GT math-ph hep-th
Front for the Math ArXiv Author: Kawahigashi
Google Scholar Author = Y. Kawahigashi Profile
Microsoft Academic Search
Author Citations for Y. Kawahigashi on MathSciNet
The Oberwolfach Photo Collection Search for "Kawahigashi"

Web Page of N. Christopher Phillips
Web page at Vanderbilt
Web page at British Columbia
Operator Algebras in Italy
The Novikov Conjecture page by Rosenberg
Algebraic Quantum Field Theory at Hamburg
Network on local quantum physics at Goettingen
Web page in Romania by Ramazan
Web page of Nats --- mailing list for Japanese Operator Algebraists by Nagisa

Takagi Lectures (by the Mathematical Society of Japan)
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, the University of Tokyo
UC Berkeley Seminars
Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, UC Berkekey
Pennsylvania State University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Wales, Cardiff
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
University of Rome, "Tor Vergata"
University of Copenhagen
Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics
Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy

International Association of Mathematical Physics

D. H. Bisch
A. Connes
D. E. Evans
U. Haagerup
V. F. R. Jones
R. Longo
G. Pisier
S. Popa
F. Radulescu
K.-H. Rehren
D. Shlyakhtenko
R. Speicher
V. S. Sunder
M. Takesaki
C. Winslow
F. Xu
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