Quantum Mathematics

March 2-3, 2019, OIST, Japan

Saturday, March 2
13:00-13:50 Y. Kawahigashi Topological phases of matter and operator algebras
14:00-14:50 T. Sakasai Topological studies of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces and their generalizations
15:00-15:50 M. Yamazaki Quantum Chaos
16:00-16:50 H. Shimada Splitting(Joining) of membranes and a three dimensional analog of Riemann surfaces
17:00-17:50 K. Nabeshima Computing parametric systems
18:00-18:50 T. Shibuta Computations in Cohen-Macaulay local rings
Sunday, March 3
10:00-10:50 S. Yamaguchi Defects in Conformal Field Theory
11:00-11:50 Y. Nakayama Weyl vs Conformal vs Virasoro
12:00-12:50 S. Hikami Random matrix theory as CFT