C*-Algebren, Oberwolfach, Feb. 1-7, 1998
Monday, Feb. 2

 9:15-10:15: Joachim Cuntz
             A general construction of bivariant K-theories 
10:30-11:15: Jesper Villadsen
             The stable rank of simple C*-algebras
11:30-12:15: Jean-Louis Tu
             The Baum-Connes conjecture for groupoids with Haar systems and application to foliations
16:10-17:10: Marius Dadarlat
             Quasidiagonal C*-algebras (two applications of residually finite C*-algebras)
17:20-18:20: Simon Wassermann
             Exact groups and continuous bundles of C*-algebras

Tuesday, Feb. 3

 9:15-10:15: Mikael Rordam
             Stability and proper infiniteness are not stable properties
10:30-11:15: Florin Boca
             Projections in Aθ and theta functions
11:30-12:15: Joachim Zacharias
             Some new results about continuous analogues of Cuntz algebras
16:10-17:10: Ed Effros
             Integral mappings and the principle of local reflexivity for non-commuative L1-spaces
17:20-18:20: Roberto Longo
             A quantum index theorem, JLO cocycles and Jones index

Wednesday, Feb. 4

 9:15-10:05: Claire Anantharaman-Delaroche
             Amenable groupoids 
10:15-10:45: Etienne Blanchard
             Finite dimensional Hopf C*-algebras
11:00-11:30: Ola Bratteli
             Compactly supported wavelets and representation of the Cuntz relations
11:45-12:15: Pierre de la Harpe
             Groups with reduced C*-algebras of stable rank one

Thursday, Feb. 5

 9:15-10:15: Adrian Ocneanu
             Modular invariants, Kleinian invariants, Platonic solids and subfactors 
10:30-11:15: Yasu Kawahigashi
             Quantum Galois correspondence for strongly amenable subfactors
11:30-12:15: Hans-Werner Wiesbrock
             Modular theory in quantum field theory
16:05-17:05: Sorin Popa
             Symmetric enveloping algebra, amenability and property T for subfactors
17:15-17:45: Dietmar Bisch
             Examples of subfactors with property T standard invariants
17:55-18:25: Teodor Banica
             Representations of compact quantum groups and subfactors
19:30-20:30: George Elliott (informal session)
             The spectrum of a C*-algebra

Friday, Feb. 6

 9:15-10:05: Stanislaw Woronowicz
             Quantum "ax+b" groupson the Hilbert space level
10:20-11:10: Uffe Haagerup
             Spectral analysis of Voiculescu's circular elements and other non-normal operators in free group factors
11:25-12:15: Ken Dykema
             Invariant subspaces of the circular element
14:00-14:50: Roland Speicher
             Free cumulants and free entropy
15:00-15:50: Florin Radulescu
             A generation property for von Neumann algebras associated to free groups