C*-Algebren Oberwolfach, Germany, 1994 Monday, February 7 G. A. Elliott Invariants for simple C*-algebras T. Loring C*-algebras generated by liftable and smoothable relations B. Blackadar Generalized inductive limits of finite dimensional C*-algebras Y. Kawahigashi Orbifold subfactors, central sequences, and the relative Jones invariant kappa C. Winslow The flow of weights on a subfactor C. Skau Dimension groups and minimal dynamical systems B. Kummerer Free evolutions for stationary processes Tuesday, February 8 D. Voiculescu Free entropy S. Doplicher Quantum spacetime J. Cuntz Long exact sequences in periodic cyclic cohomology E. Kirchberg Discrete quantum groups D. E. Evans Classification of symmetries of some amenable C*-algebras U. Haagerup Computing principal graphs of subfactors D. Bisch Composing finite depth subfactors Wednesday, February 9 P. de la Harpe Commuting squares A. Wassermann Operator algebras and conformal field theory G. Skandalis Novikov's conjecture for bolic groups Thursday, February 10 M. Pimsner Hilbert bimodules and C*-algebras M. Rordam Classification of some infinite simple C*-algebras G. Pisier C*-norms on B(H)\otimes B(H) E. Christensen Module maps and injectivity K. Thomsen From trace states to states in the K0-groups S. Wassermann Exact C*-algebras and continuous bundles of C*-algebras H. Upmeier Toeplitz C*-algebras and quantization Friday, February 11 A. Ocneanu Braiding and ghosts for subfactors F. Radulescu On free group algebras R. Nest Algebraic index theorems I. Raeburn Multipliers of bimodules and Morita equivalence of crossed products A. van Daele Discrete and compact quantum groups C. Pinzari Abstract duality and Hopf algebras E. Blanchard Tensor products of C(X)-algebras over C(X)