Conference program "C*-Algebren" Oberwolfach, Germany October 1991

Monday, October 21 A. Valette (with Bekka): On duals of Lie groups made discrete K. Thomsen: Inductive limits of interval algebras B. Blackadar (with A. Kumjian & M. Rordam): Approximately divisible C*-algebra Y. Kawahigashi (with D. Evans / with M. Izumi): Flat connections, the Yang-Baxter equation, and orbifold subfactors R. Longo: Inclusions of factors and quantum field theory D. Bisch: Entropy of groups and subfactors (informal session at night) U. Haagerup: Subfactors with finite depth and small indicies Tuesday, October 22 A. Ocneanu: Operator algebras and invariants for manifolds W. Nahm: Penrose tilings, Jones embeddings and quantum filed theory J. Roberts: Spontaneously broken symmetry and Goldstone's theorem M. Rordam (with B. Blackadar & A. Kumjian): Approximately divisible C*-algebra II O. Bratteli (with A. Kishimoto): The crossed product of irrational rotation algebra by the flip G. Pedersen: Facial structure in C*-algebras S. Power: Non-self-adjoint limit algebras Wednesday, October 23 P. Julg (with G. Kasparov): The ring KK_G(C,C) for G=SU(n,1) G. Elliott: The classification problems for amenable C*-algebras D. Evans (with G. Elliott): The structure of the irrational rotation C*-algebras Thursday, October 24 S. Popa: Amenability and rigidity in the theory of von Neumann algebras and their subfactors E. Kirchberg: On exact C*-algebras C. Skau (with Giordano & I. Putnum): C*-algebras associated to minimal dynamical system and topological orbit equivalence J. Renault: Exactness of group C*-algebras S. Doplicher: Operator algebras and group duality M. Landstadt (with I. Raeburn): Deformations of homogeneous spaces (informal session at night) G. Kasparov: Informal discussion on R-trees Friday, October 25 S. Woronowicz: Quantum E(w)-group and its Pontrjagin dual G. Skandalis (with Baaj): Duality for locally compact "quantum groups" M. Puschnigg: Computation of assymptotic cyclic cohomology groups for C*-algebras and dense subalgebras R. Nest: Geometric cyclic cocycles R. Speicher: Some aspects of free convolution in the sense of Voiculescu U. Haagerup: Quasitraces on exact C*-algebras are traces